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​Facilities Planning  & Review  Committee Charge
  • Develop and maintain facilities master plan.

  • Setting facility priorities for improvements and maintenance.

  • Develop written procedures and timelines for communication to other groups.

  • Integrate activities among groups in developing priorities and plans.

Committee Membership

NameTitle/Committee Representation
 Preston Mortley
Co-Chair: Director of Facilities
 Travis Dubry
Co-Chair: Academic Senate Faculty
 Dan Hall
VP of Administrative Services
AVP Classified Manager
Sinchell Nelson AFT Classified Staff

Eric Watson
Robert StewartAcademic Senate
 Lance Robert
Academic Senate
 Norma Drepaul
AFT Faculty

Matthew WilliamsAFT Faculty
Rachell Osiyana Upke
Jorge Mata
Ex-Officio: IT Manager
Alfred Gallegos
Ex-Officio: Dean Institutional Advancement
Tangelia Alfred
Ex-Officio: Dean Academic Affairs
Courtney Pierce
Ex-Officio: Classified Supervisor
James Bradley
Ex-Officio: SEIU Staff

​Jen Shetland
​Ex-Officio: College Event & Venue Coordinator