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​Committee Charge

Develop and monitor enrollment management plan inclusive of trend analysis, projections, populations served, scheduling, and acceptable data elements inclusive of WSCH, DSCH, Average Class Sizes, FTES generation, etc.

Function of the Enrollment Committee

The Enrollment Management Committee will:

  • Develop and implement policies and procedures to ensure the sharing of enrollment management information.
  • Articulate enrollment management goals and stated objectives for the College consistent with the College’s adopted 3-year Strategic Plan.
  • Conduct an annual review of enrollment management outcomes, policies and procedures to promote goal attainment and continuous program improvement.

Committee Membership

Name Title/Committee Representation
  Dr. Lawrence Bradford
Co-Chair, VP Academic Affairs
  Dr. ​Leonard Apenahier
Co-Chair, Faculty 

Johnel Barron
Coordinator, Student Outreach​
  Dr. Tangelia Alfred
Dean Academic Affairs
  C.R. Buggage

Kimberly Carpenter
  Darren Cifarelli
Department Chair, English and Foreign Languages
  Maria Cortez
Scheduler, Academic Affairs
Alfred Gallegos
Dean, Institutional Advancement 
Dr. Howard Irvin
Vice President, Student Services
Dr. Allison Moore
Dean, Academic Affairs

Chair of Chairs
Wonda Powell Faculty
Marian Ruane Noncredit Programs
Cassaundra Walker ​AFT Staff Guild, Academic Affairs​