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New Website for All College Committees

Committee Charge

To facilitate the budgeting processes on campus
  • To facilitate the annual budgeting process
  • To provide input into the development of a strategic fiscal plan
  • Makes recommendations on budget and implementation to president
  • Help college improve overall performance
  • Communication to campus 

Committee Membership

Name Title/Committee Representation
  Dan Hall
Co-Chair, Administrator (President's Appointment)

Robert Stewart
Co-Chair, Academic Senate Faculty
Pamela SanfordAssociate VP of Administrative Services (President's Appointment)

Dr. Tangelia M. Alfred
Dean Representative

Department Chair

Dr. Neil Mantana
Academic Senate Representative
Deborah Farber
Academic Senate Representative

Sidney Cosby
AFT Classified Representative

Local 721 Supervisory Representative

Titania Davis ​
ASO Representative

Maisha Jones
AFT/Faculty Representative

Dr. Sandra Lee
AFT/Faculty Representative

Group Representative (Classified Mgr., Local 45 Crafts, Local 99)