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New Website for All College Committees

Welcome to the Los Angeles Southwest College Student Learning Outcomes web page.  This site is regularly updated to share the progress we are making in the development and assessment of SLOs at our campus. 

All SLOs are warehoused and assessed in eLumen.  If you are a faculty member and need your login information, please contact the SLO Coordinator.  Administrative Unit Outcomes (AUOs) and Student Services Outcomes (SSOs) are assessed through the program review process.  For more information on AUOs and SSOs, please contact the SLO Coordinator, the Program Review Coordinator or your area's program review initiator.  

Committee Meetings

3rd Tuesday of the month 

Committee Charge

Provide leadership to the development, implementation and assessment of Student Learning Outcomes by course, program and institutionally. Also, the committee provides similar leadership to Service Outcomes. 

Institutional Learning Outcomes

ILO 1:  Communication (Oral and Written Skills)

  • Use language (oral and written) and non-verbal modes of communication appropriate to the audience and purpose.

ILO 2:  Cognition (Reading Comprehension, Computational Skills, and Critical Thinking)

  • Use critical thinking and computational skills to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate ideas and information.

ILO 3:  Information Competency (Information Competency and Technological Literacy)

  • Utilize research skills necessary to achieve educational, professional, and personal objectives.

ILO 4: Social Responsibility (Responsible Citizenship and Valuing Diversity)

  • Demonstrate sensitivity to and respect for others and participate actively in group and civic decision making.

ILO 5:  Personal and Professional Development (Employability and Confidence Building)

  • Demonstrate self-management, maturity, and/or growth through practices that promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

SLOs & PLOs listed in order of departments (note: link to a report)

AUOs listed in order of Administrative Service departments (note: link to a report)

SSOs & PLOs listed in order of Student Service areas (note: link to a report)

Committee Membership

Name Title/Committee Representation
  Dr. Allison Moore
Chair, SLO Coordinator
  Alfred Gallegos
  Deborah Farber
Faculty, Library
  Leonard Apenahier
Faculty, Behavioral Social Science 
  LaTanya Atkins
  La Shawn Brinson
Faculty, Child Development

Jeff Bohn
Faculty, English
  John Bowman
Adjunct Faculty, Business 
  Lorna Thompson
Faculty, Nursing
Ralph Davis Director of Passage Program, Accreditation Chair 
Naja El Khoury
Adjunct Faculty, Business
Victoria Omuson Faculty, Nursing
Jonathan Pope-Evans
​Faculty, Theater
​Kimberly McBride
​Faculty, Counseling
Imran Sidiqui
Faculty, Philosophy

ASO Representative