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Tuition Reimbursement Procedures for Faculty

  • Reimbursement request will be considered in the order that they are received. 
  • Maximum reimbursement is $1,000 per school year.
  • Based on funding available, the committee will approve or deny a reimbursement request.
  • Forms may be obtained from the Professional Growth Webpage (LASC).
  • Tuition Reimbursement requests should be submitted to Professor Stephanie Burrus.
  • Complete application, obtain department chairs' signature and attach proof of enrollment/payment.
  • Submit an application for approval to the committee (30 days prior OR by the end of the second week of class). Committee will forward the request to President’s Office.
  • Committee will notify applicant via email if their request was approved or denied.
  • Upon class completion, the applicant will complete the form and forward all necessary attachments (transcripts or verification of attendance) to the committee ASAP or within 60 days of class ending.
  • Committee will review and process paperwork and forward to the necessary departments.
  • Business Office will notify applicant via email when the check is ready for pick-up.
  • Requests can be scanned and emailed, placed in the chair's mailbox (in the mailroom) or delivered in a sealed envelope to the chair's office (SSEC 216)

Travel Procedures for Faculty


  1. Download the "Request for Conference of Activity Attendance" form from the LACCD website and fill out sections 1-11 completely. The website provides the latest forms that are required for processing. 
  2. All conference requests should be submitted twenty-one (21) days in advance of conference date whether funds are requested or not requested.
  3. Have your Department Chair sign the form, anywhere in Section 12.
  4. Submit the form along with documentation of the conference, workshop, meeting and/or activity to the Professional Growth Travel Committee for approval. The Travel Committee approves the conference request not to exceed the allocated amount and inputs the funding source. If funds are not available, the documents will be noted to that effect and returned to the faculty member.
  5. If documents are unsigned or incomplete, the form will be returned to the faculty member. Funds will not be encumbered until the form is completed in its entirety. The key is to make sure the paper work is in order before it is submitted for approval.
  6. The Professional Growth Committee will notify faculty of their decision via email.
  7. After the Professional Growth Committee approves, the request form is sent to the Office of Academic Affairs for the administrative approval process.
    • Vice President
    • College President
    • Administrative Services, Debrah Ward

CHECKLIST (for submission)

  • Request for Conference of Activity Attendance completed form
  • Documentation of conference/meeting/activity
  • Department Chair signature
  • Copies of all paperwork
  • Submit to Professional Growth Committee (Travel Committee) ~ if requesting Academic Senate travel funds

Note: You only submit your conference request form to the Travel Committee if you are requesting funds for travel.

Things to Know
  • District travel forms located on the LACCD website and via LASC>
  • Additional reimbursement information can be found on the LACCD website
  • The conference or convention must be a benefit to the discipline or department in its service to students, or it must benefit the college as a whole.
  • The conference or convention must be job or discipline related.
  • Request for Travel Advance should be made 30 days in advance to the Business Office or Deborah Ward.
  • If you wish for the district to pay for registration to an event in advance write "Please Pre-Pay" above the registration fee on the request form and submit with a Travel Advance form. Note, this will not guarantee pre-payment.
  •  Unused funds that have been approved and encumbered for a faculty member by the professional growth committee (travel committee) will be "disencumbered" by written request. This allows funds to be available to other faculty.
  • Requested funds are allocated to pay for the days of the conference attendance only. If you wish to extend the trip at the conference location it must be taken as vacation and should be allocated to your personal funds and time. Do not include extended dates on the Request for Conference of Activity Attendance form.
  • Make sure employee number is correct on all paperwork.
  • The last approval for all conferences is the President (or his designee). The President is also the only approver for payment on the expense claim. Please do not sign in that portion of the form it will delay reimbursements due to incorrect signage.