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Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Professional Growth Committee (formerly Staff Development Committee) at Los Angeles Southwest College is to promote excellence in performance and personal growth among faculty, staff, and administrators by providing opportunities that create incentives to ensure student success and life-long learning.

Committee Charge

This committee shall be responsible for:

1. Coordinating professional development.
2. Planning and coordinating flex activities.
3. Approving individual faculty requests for travel from staff development funds.
4. Taking to the Staff Development Advisory Committee suggestions for College wide activities for staff development.
5. Encouraging faculty to take full advantage of professional development.
6. Reporting once each semester to the Academic Senate.

Committee Membership

Name Area
 Ms. Natalie Nagthall
Committee Chair​Faculty
 Dr. Tangelia AlfredAcademic DeanAdministrator
  Ms. Stephanie Burrus Instructor​Faculty
Mr. Sidney Cosby​Program Specialist​Classified
Ms. Claudia Garcia-Oliva​InstructorFaculty
Ms. Vicky Omuson​InstructorFaculty
 Ms. Dawn Robinson ​Instructor Faculty

Ms. Picolya Robinson
Mr. Rashad Saafir
Ms. Chauncine Stewart
Executive Assisstant
 Mr. Robert Stewart
Academic Senate President
  Ms. Alexis Tucker

Ms. Cassaundra WalkerAcademic Scheduling SpecialistClassified