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​College Council Committee Charge

This body functions as the primary shared governance body on campus. The committee is charged with making recommendations to the president on college-wide matters not reserved exclusively to the Academic Senate or college bargaining groups.

College Council Membership

The Council contains representation from all of the governance groups and the Associated Student Organization (ASO). The membership is balanced between instructional and non-instructional members, and the Council is co-chaired on a rotating basis by the Academic Senate President and a college vice-president.

NameConstituency Group
 Dr. Lawrence Bradford
Co-Chair, Vice President, Academic Affairs

Dr. Alistaire Callender
Co-Chair, Academic Senate President

Dr. Sharon Maselli
Academic Senate Representative

Sabrena Turner-Odom
Academic Senate Representative

La Shawn Brinson
Department Chairs Representative

Sandra Lee
AFT Faculty Chapter President

Kimberly Mc Bride
AFT/Faculty representatives

Darren Cifarelli
AFT/Faculty representatives

Rick Hodge
Dean (Teamster)

Cassaundra Walker
At-Large Classified Staff
Pedro Montalvo
ASO President
Kim LivingstonBuilding and Trades
​​​Lynn Bebelle
​Classified Management Representative
     Christzann Ozan                   Local 721
      ​​Shauna Carter ​​                       At-Large Classified Staff