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 LASC and LACCD Strategic Plans

 Participatory Decision Making and Integrated Planning Handbook

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Strategic Planning Committee Charge

The Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) is the shared governance body whose charge it is to guide the strategic (long range) and annual planning process on campus.  The SPC oversees college planning, its implementation, and provides an on-going framework for monitoring the college strategic and annual master planning efforts.

SPC Committee Membership

 Alfred GallegosAdministrative Co-Chair/Dean

Dr. Tamura HowardFaculty Co-Chair/AFT Faculty Guild
 Heidi Tatum
Academic Senate
 Naja El-KhouryAcademic Senate
 Jessica DrawbondAFT Faculty Guild
 Cassaundra Walker
AFT Staff Guild Local 1521A
 ​Ben Demers
SEIU local 721
 Dr. Lawrence Bradford
Vice President
 Vibha GuptaClassified Managers
 (Vacant) Department Chair
 Precious EnemorAssociated Students Organization