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Committee Charge

To facilitate the budgeting processes on campus
  • To facilitate the annual budgeting process
  • To provide input into the development of a strategic fiscal plan
  • Makes recommendations on budget and implementation to president
  • Help college improve overall performance
  • Communication to campus 

Committee Membership

NameTitle/Committee Representation
 Dan Hall
Co-Chair, VP of Administrative Services

Co-Chair, Academic Senate Representative

Dr. Tangelia M. Alfred
Dean Representative

Rose H. Calderon
AFT/Faculty Representative

Dr. Neil Mantana
Academic Senate Representative

Pamela Sanford
Classified Manager Representative

Lynn Bebelle
Classified Supervisor Representative

Pedro Montalvo ​
ASO Representative

Maisha Jones
AFT/Classified Representative

Dr. Sandra Lee
AFT/Faculty Representative

Kimberly R. McBride
AFT/Faculty Representative